Accessible Information Standard

At Ainsdale Village Surgery we want to ensure that all information you require is easily accessible to you and communicated in a way you can understand.

The information below explains how we will do this. You can also click here to view are Accessible Information Guidance poster which can also be found in our waiting area.   



Accessible Information Guidance Policy

How we communicate with people in a way they can understand


  1. Why we have this policy


  1. The Law


  1. Things we will do


  1. How we make decisions about producing accessible versions


When we say we in this document, we mean Ainsdale Village Surgery.

Difficult words are in bold text and there is an explanation next to them.

  1. Why do we have this policy?

We want to make sure people who use our services can

People are all individuals.

Some people need to get information in a way that they can understand.

This means we need information in different formats to accommodate everyone.

This could be in

Ainsdale Village Surgery wants to make all its information easy for everyone to understand

We will do this by


  1. The Law

The Equalities Act 2010 says we have to make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities

A reasonable adjustment is a change that has been made to a service so that anyone with a disability can use them like anyone else.

NHS England – Accessible Information standard 2016

The law tells us to make sure that disable people have access to information that they can understand and any communication support that they might need.

The standard tells organisations how to make information accessible to the following people

This includes making sure that people get information in different formats if they need it.

The Accessible Information Standard also tells organisations how to support people’s communication needs. For example by offering support from a British Sign Language (BSL), interpreter, deafblind manual interpreter or an advocate.

  1. Things we will do

We will use clear language in all our publications and on our website.

We will tell patients in the surgery how you can get information in other formats.

We will make sure our website is as accessible as possible.

We will think about the reasonable adjustments that we can make. We will work with you to find the best way for you and us.

We will tell people about our accessible communications policy, including our staff at Ainsdale Village Surgery.

We will talk, help and train our staff to produce information in accessible formats.

Our operations manager and deputy to operations manager will make sure the information we make for the public meets the needs of all people.

We will follow the recommendations of the Accessible Information Standard for all our patients.

  1. How we make decisions about producing accessible versions of information

The information we give to people is important. We want to make sure that as many people are able to understand it.

The Accessible Information Standard covers patient care

It says that we need to

  1. Ask People if they have any information or communication needs, and find out how to meet their needs.
  2. Record those needs in a set way
  3. Share information about a person’s needs with other NHS providers, when they have given consent or permission.
  4. Meet the need – make sure that people get information in an accessible way and communication support if they need it.

At Ainsdale Village Surgery our goal is to make sure all patients feel they are listened too and can access the information needed for their care in an easy and approachable way. We accept any suggestions and recommendations for improvement.