Flu Vaccination 2020

Thursday, 02 December 2021

How do I book?

If you think you are at risk and qualify for a free flu vaccine but haven't received an invitation, please telephone the practice and a member of the practice team will check this for you. 

People aged 50-64yrs, not in a clinical risk group, can have the vaccine free this year

People in the 50-64-year old age group are being vaccinated at the surgery from December, providing there is sufficient vaccine.

If you are 50-64 or you are in one of the other groups which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, please contact the surgery for an appointment.

The clinics are on an appointment only basis.

If you cannot attend the appointment time you have been given, please call us ASAP so we can reallocate you.

We would like to thank you for supporting your GP Practice during the Flu Vaccination season.


Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Information 2020 - Pre-advice

It is important to read this form prior to your flu vaccination so that the nurse can check the vaccination is right for you.

  1. Have you any illness with a high temperature or are you on any antibiotics? Your vaccination may need to be delayed until you have recovered.
  2. Are you allergic to eggs or egg products – chicken/egg protein, latex, neomycin, formaldehyde, octoxinol 9, kanamycin, hydrocortisone or any constituents of the vaccine?
  3. Have you ever had a reaction to the Influenza vaccine or any other vaccine?
  4. Do you have a lowered immunity caused by disease or treatment, e.g. no spleen (or a dysfunctional spleen), steroids, HIV, chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
  5. If Guillan-Barre syndrome has occurred within six weeks of a previous influenza vaccination.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions speak to the nurse before you are given your immunisation

The vaccine will be given intramuscular.  Immune responses may be achieved within 2/3 weeks.  None of the ingredients will cause flu.