Medication Information

Home Visits

The Doctors will download the patient clinical record onto the palmtop to accompany them on home visits. Any information will be updated on to the computer upon their return. If a prescription is required the Doctor will issue this electronically on return to the surgery. In the regular Doctors absence the visiting doctor will be given a printed home visit report giving a list of active medication and the MRE will be available for the doctor to take on the visit. If a prescription is required the Doctor will issue electronically on return to the surgery. This will ensure all medical records are kept up to date.

Medication Requested From Hospital Discharge/Outpatient Letters

If medication is requested as a result of a hospital discharge or outpatient letter the information must be checked against the communication and approved by the doctor before issue.

On receipt of the request the patient should be informed this issue may lead to a slight delay in the processing of the request.

You be asked to book a telephone or face to face consultation with a pharmacist, nurse or GP depending on the medication you are prescribed.

Holiday/Work Advance Requests

Requests for larger quantities than normal or prescriptions required well in advance of the normal time should be referred to the doctor.

Oxygen Requests

Requests for prescriptions for oxygen should be given priority and processed immediately.

General Information

One off items should be issued as acute issues even where it is an item which will be used on a recurring basis.

All repeat items should cover the same time period. Quantities if possible to line up so patients only request medication once a month (or weekly/fortnightly if appropriate).

All written requests are kept for a period of one week in case of patient query then subsequently destroyed as confidential waste.

Posters are displayed to inform patients of the prescribing procedures.

Patients requiring more information regarding their medications may seek advice from the GP's, Practice Nurses or Practice pharmacist.